Useful Literature

In doing my research I stumbled across a few useful resources which I have listed below. There wasn’t a great amount of literature on recurrence rates (hence the inspiration to carry out my survey in the first place) but you might find these websites helpful nonetheless.

Preconceptual counseling of women with previous third or forth degree tears

Patterns of maternity care in English NHS hospitals 2011/12

Third Degree Tears – Management of the next birth

Evidence Based Birth – What is the evidence for perineal massage to prevent tears

RCOG – Management of third and forth degree perineal tears

RCOG – A third- or fourth-degree tear during childbirth – information for you

Midwife’s Guide to an Intact Perineum 

Midwifery Matters – Perineum an Perineal Tears

Midwife thinking – perineal protectors

Hands on or Hands Off – Debate by Helen Young Midwife 







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