Collecting Data For My Survey

Perineal Tear Recurrence Survey

Ladies who have had a 3rd or 4th degree tear during childbirth…a little request that might help others.

I had a 3c tear during labour with my first baby and am now agonising over what to do in the future (vaginal birth or elective caesarean section). Would those of you who’ve had a second baby after a 3rd degree tear or 4th degree tear mind filling out my survey? It’s really quick, just yes/no style answers, and completely anonymous.

Tear Recurrence Survey – powered by

I’ve done lots of research into risk factors for perineal tears but couldn’t find much information about recurrence rates so thought I’d do some data collection and analysis. I’m still on maternity leave and need to use my brain!

Once I’ve got a decent number of responses, I’ll post my findings. Might help other women try and make this really tricky decision.

Thanks so much.


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